A new course that is aimed primarily at improving sight reading for singers. Bath is full of wonderful choirs and has a long tradition of choral singing. The great thing about singing  is that anyone can get involved and find their place in a choir, regardless of musical ability.

However, at some point it is normal for many singers to aspire to improve their music reading abilities. It seems a daunting task at first, but the rewards for learning even a basic level of sight reading are huge! You will be able to look at your music before singing a note and have a rough idea of the shape of a musical line, or perhaps even take your starting note from the accompaniment. These are all invaluable tools that give you not only an head start on your music, but give you more satisfaction from learning and performing.

Topics covered include:

  • Hearing a note and singing the same note back at correct pitch
  • Basic music pattern recognition
  • Music theory to understand what all the different symbols are telling you
  • Note reading on the staff and strategies to learn these notes quickly

I teach sight singing courses over 4 week blocks, with a 1 hour lesson per week. This course is aimed specifically for singers who have very little music reading abilities; however if you already have some understanding of sight reading, but want to develop your skills further  to more advanced levels, you can get in touch with for a 1 to 1 lesson, or organise a group of similar level singers to book an intermediate to advanced level course.

Booking now for 2018: special introductory rate of £30 for 4 weeks.

Click this link to get in touch via the contact form and book your place today!