I have some piano lesson slots becoming available for the new school term starting in September 2022. These are offered on a weekly basis and are available from 30 minutes, up to an hour. Longer lessons are available on request.

Piano lessons take place in a comfortable setting with a relaxed atmosphere, focussing on whatever you want to work on, whether it is for exams or simply for personal enrichment and enjoyment. There is free parking throughout my area.

I bring a wealth of musical experience to every lesson, from my classical background in advanced piano repertoire, to pop and songwriting music where my collaborations with recording artists have resulted in work being played on BBC radio.

I also specialise in teaching music theory, particularly where reading music notation is concerned. Although it is often perceived as daunting, I try to demystify the the process of learning to read music by showing how the simplicity of music notation has been used to create some of the biggest ideas in music! Students have often commented how it is a really eye opening and enjoyable experience!

If you want to find out more get in touch with me today by clicking here.