I now offer comprehensive online piano lessons and music theory lessons.

Online lessons are particularly convenient when travel to my home studio is not possible, or when an adult student has 9-5 work commitments and an additional drive to my studio would be too tiring.

During the lessons I can provide demonstrations of passages of music, with close ups to show piano technique in action. The only additional preparation from an in person lesson would be that we both need to have a copy of the music we’re working on!

Like most music teachers, during the pandemic I had to learn very quickly how to effectively run online lessons that were still engaging and provided a space for musical progress. During those months of national lockdown, I was very proud to have overseen some of my students right through into their piano exams. The sense of achievement and purpose it gave to my students during that difficult period was immeasurable.

One benefit that came out of that period was adding an exciting new type of lesson format to my teaching practise!

If you’re looking for online piano lessons please get in touch by clicking here.